European Heat Pump Sector Supports 2029 Phaseout of Fossil Fuel Boilers

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he heat pump industry is growing fast, as witnessed by record attendance recently at the European Heat Pump Association’s (EHPA’s) General Assembly.

The industry is committed to decarbonizing heating and cooling in Europe. More than €5 billion (about US$ 5.4 billion) is to be invested in heat pumps during the period spanning 2022 to 2025 alone.

A key measure to secure further investments in the heat pump industry in Europe is long-term policy clarity, as stated in the recently launched European Union (EU) Heat Pump Accelerator.

In this context, EHPA wrote to the European Commission (EC) to express its strong support for the Ecodesign measures the EC is proposing for heating appliances. This includes 2029 as an end date for stand-alone fossil fuel boilers being placed on the market. On June 12, the EC held a consultation meeting on its proposal. Participants included industry representatives – including EHPA members – and Member States.

Decarbonizing heating is a cornerstone of REPowerEU and the Climate law. Using a market-based mechanism such as setting minimum requirements via Ecodesign that can be met by manufacturers through several technology options is the optimal approach.

Europe is starting to soar towards its clean heat future. EHPA stresses that questioning the very foundation of the transition will clip its wings, creating investor uncertainty, jeopardizing investments, and risking hundreds of thousands of jobs. In the current competition for investments, Europe needs a steady hand and reliable policy. It needs industrial policy based on product regulation backed by financial support and a simplification of administrative procedures. Uncertainty will force investors to make plans outside Europe.

Post time: Aug-01-2023