Creating Four Dimensions Construction Concept, Winning the Bright Future Together

-HOLTOP 2019 Global Distributor Conference was Held Successfully

In April 12th -14th, the HOLTOP 2019 Global Distributor Conference was successfully Held in Beijing. The theme is Creating Four Dimensions Construction Concept, Winning the Bright Future Together.


HOLTOP President Zhao Ruilin, Executive Vice President Sun Shouli, Vice President Zhai Mingqiang, Liu Baoqiang, Guo Zengqiang and other Holtop leaders took part in the event, and more than 400 industry experts and distributors from Poland, Philippine, UAE, Turkey, Korea, Thailand and Vienam, etc. gathered together to discuss air quality improvement solutions under the “four-dimensions construction concept”.


Zhao Ruilin, chairman and president of HOLTOP Group, said in his speech that HOLTOP is a trustworthy company who has always adhered to the mission of “Making the air treatment more healthier and energy-saving” and the core values of “customer-centered” in the past 17 years. Holtop’s various businesses have grew steadily.


In 2018, HOLTOP achieved sales revenue of 350 million yuan, achieving an excellent average annual growth rate of 38%. The business develops from fresh air energy recovery ventilation product range to the current four major product lines including residential, commercial, industrial air conditioning and environmental protection products. The sales network covers the whole country and the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions overseas. This is achieved by HOLTOP and all distributors over the years. HOLTOP Group stresses integrity, empathy, good products, good service, and good business. We hope to cooperate with all distributors for mutual benefit, grow together and be a trustworthy enterprise.

1. Innovative “four-dimensions construction concept”

In 2019, HOLTOP creates the “four-dimensions construction concept” and proposes the concept of “temperature, humidity, cleanliness, freshness” to redefine the health, energy-saving and comfortable air treatment to meet people’s higher requirements for air quality. HOLTOP continues its technological innovation and adheres to cost-effective product strategies.


Other traditional residential fresh air ventilation products can only solve the freshness or cleanliness of air. HOLTOP residential energy recovery ventilation products solve the air freshness, cleanliness, temperature and humidity in one unit.


HOLTOP commercial products pay high attentions on the freshness of air. Both air-conditioning products and energy recovery ventilation products can provide fresh and clean air for buildings users. HOLTOP commercial energy recovery ventilation products have maintained market leading position for so many years.


HOLTOP industrial air-conditioning products are designed according to strict Daimler standards, helping Beijing Benz to get rid of the dependence on importing industrial air-conditioners. And taking the advantage of excellent technical strength and product quality, HOLTOP gradually expand air conditioning business to aircraft manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, tobacco, textile and other industries.


HOLTOP environmental protection products find new balances between energy conservation and emission reduction and economic benefits, and simultaneously solve industrial VOCs treatment and waste gas extraction and reuse. Relying on leading technology and product performance, HOLTOP has remarkable achievement in the fields of lithium battery, petrochemical, packaging and printing, coating, etc., and has been highly recognized by users in the projects such as Sino-Lithium and Chinese Materials.


2. Let the world breathe good air.
HOLTOP always insists on developing national brands, bringing HOLTOP products to the world, and puts forward the vision and goal of “Let the world breathe with HOLTOP good air”. At this distribution conference, Mr. Bogdan Sochur from AB KLIM of Poland shared the market analysis of the European market. HOLTOP products have become the mainstream in the ventilation market in Poland. It is expected that the market sales will achieve 30% growth in 2019.


3.Charming of HOLTOP smart manufacturing

On the morning of April 13, the guests visited the Badaling Manufacturing Base of HOLTOP Group in Yanqing Park of Zhongguancun, and experienced HOLTOP products processing from laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending and foaming. In the fresh air ventilation industry, HOLTOP owns the largest modern production base in Asia. The products with high precision and good quality have been trusted by more and more customers.

4. Dedicated to work, waiting for flowers to bloom
“The fresh air market continued to grow steadily, the demand in the residential market surged, and the share of wall mounted and floor standing energy recovery ventilation products expanded, the growth rate of commercial growth narrowed, and the scale of each product series of the ventilation system expanded steadily.” Suo Xiaofang, director of the Industry Online Appliances Division, believes that “The rational return of this market environment is expected by manufacturing companies like HOLTOP. Distributors need to work hard in the field of energy recovery ventilation with the customer’s changing concept of comfortable life, and segment the market and applications to tailor customer’s requirements, and wait for the flowers to bloom.”


5.HOLTOP Group Expert Advisory Group adds new members
HOLTOP focuses on technology research and development and adheres to technological innovation. At this distributor conference, HOLTOP expert advisory group will add new members. Qi Qinghai, former deputy director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department of Shandong Province, Zhu Yi, executive director of the China Building Environment and Energy Application Committee, Ren Hongguo, dean of the Architectural Design and Design Institute of the Northern Engineering Design Institute, and Jin Huafei, director of the China Architecture Society’s HVAC Branch, were invited to join in HOLTOP Group senior consultants.
7. Work together for the same goal
HOLTOP has always insisted on the improvement of the sales channels. There are such a group of distributor friends who have been growing together with HOLTOP for more than 10 years. This distributor conference specially set up “2018 Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Ten Years Sincere Cooperation Award” and “Major Engineering Strategic Cooperation Award” to recognize Holtop partners who work with HOLTOP sincerely.

8. Get together happily

HOLTOP emphasize integrity and friendship, and through cooperation with distributors, we constantly deepen trust and friendship and eventually become friends and family. In order to thank the friends who came from far away, HOLTOP Group prepared sumptuous dinner and heroic gifts for everyone. HOLTOP staffs gave a wonderful show to our guests, and all the friends of the distributors also actively participated. Drank, sung and gathered together happily.

The time of gathering is always very short. Everyone is full of harvest through today’s event, and the seeds of hope are planted in the spring. Autumn is bound to be fruitful. Mr. Zhao also proposed the HOLTOP Group’s planning in terms of product sales service and system guarantee. It is believed that HOLTOP Group will provide more perfect services for distributors and friends in 2019. HOLTOP will work together with distributor friends to create a brighter future.


Post time: Apr-19-2019