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China Refrigeration Expo 2022 in Chongqing

China refrigeration

China Refrigeration Expo 2022 is rescheduled to August 1-3, 2022, Chongqing International Expo Center. During the expo, CAR co-organized two international forums with 8 global industry organizations . It will be released online on August 2. Attached please find the posters. Links as follows:

1. Development of Carbon Neutral Refrigeration Technology——Low Carbon Solution for Space Heating and Cooling International Sub-forum(Online, Simultaneous Interpretation)

Link: https://wx.vzan.com/live/tvchat-1237230692?shauid=undefined&vprid=0&v=1658558144299

2. Development of Carbon Neutral Refrigeration Technology——Carbon Neutral Technical Development in Cold Chain Industry International Sub-forum(Online, Simultaneous Interpretation)

Link: https://wx.vzan.com/live/tvchat-1722027148?shauid=undefined&vprid=0&v=1658558501259

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Platform for Decarbonization of Heating and Hot Water


The aim of promoting, in a rapid and orderly manner, the transition to efficient and renewable heating and domestic hot water (DHW) systems, is behind the creation in Spain of the Platform for the Decarbonization of Heating and Hot Water, an initiative by Ecodes, an independent non-profit organization (NPO) that works towards sustainable and environmentally friendly development.

Within this platform, AFEC, which is a member of the steering group, supports the principle of ‘energy efficiency first’, the strengthening of synergies in thermal installation actions in new construction and refurbishment, defining specific objectives on increasing the share of renewable heating systems, technological neutrality in the promotion of efficient systems, massive investment in this type of solutions, and tackling energy poverty.

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Elon Musk to Join IAQ Revolution

indoor air quality

The world’s richest man says a system to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in homes is “on the future product list” for his electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.
In response to a Tweet from a Tesla shareholder who suffers from allergies exacerbated by poor IAQ, Elon Musk said he was considering adapting the HEPA filter technology already in use in some of his cars for the residential HVAC market.
The UK’s Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) said the intervention of the highest profile business figure in the world could make “an enormous difference” to the development of technology and working practices for improving IAQ in both residential and commercial buildings.
This is the second time Musk has publicly stated his interest in this area following the 2020 Tesla shareholder meeting when he said: “Oh, you mean home HVAC. That's a pet project that I'd love to get going on — maybe we'll start working on that next year. 
“I just think you could really make a way better home HVAC system that's really quiet and super energy efficient, has a way better filter for particles, and works very reliably,” said Musk, who has also incorporated heat pump technology into Tesla’s Model Y vehicle.
“I mean it’s tiny, it’s efficient, and it has to last for 15 years,” said Musk. “It has to work in all kinds of conditions from the coldest winter to the hottest summer. We have already done a massive amount of the work necessary for a really kick-ass home HVAC.”
His ambition is to link the system to electric vehicles and develop a solution that is “a very compelling, super-efficient HVAC that…will know when you are coming home. The pack can communicate with the car and just really dial it into when you actually need cooling and heating. It would be great.”
British ventilation contractor Nathan Wood said Musk’s intervention showed just how far the debate about IAQ, health, and energy efficiency had advanced in recent times.
“We have been battling away in this market for years and making slow, steady progress – but the intervention of the world’s most famous and wealthy businessman should certainly take it up a notch or two,” said Wood, who is chair of BESA’s Health & Well-being in Buildings group.
“He seems to understand the importance of driving the market for improved ventilation and IAQ alongside the push for net zero – and that really is key to its future success. This will definitely put the ‘Hype into HVAC’. ”

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