Consensus, Co-creation, Sharing–HOLTOP 2019 Annual Awards Ceremony and Spring Festival Annual Meeting was Successfully Held

On January 11, 2020, the HOLTOP Group Annual Conference was grandly held at Crown Plaza Beijing Yanqing. President Zhao Ruilin reviewed and summarized the Group’s work in 2019 and announced key tasks in 2020, putting forward specific requirements and earnest hope. In 2019, under the great pressure on the difficulties of manufacturing industry, all HOLTOP members worked hard together, achieving remarkable results.

Annual Awards Ceremony09

HOLTOP made breakthroughs in many aspects in the pass 2019.

The total sales revenue has continually increased.

Sales company has successfully transformed to independent branch.

New direct expansion air handling units has become a new growth point.

The cooperation with Beijing Benz has maintained for 9 years.

The highest monthly output value of the manufacturing base has exceeded 44 million yuan

New products development gained significant performance

Cost reduction and efficiency increase by 28.1% comparing to the previous year.

Construction of environmental protection laboratory was completed.


In the past year, each HOLTOP employee has worked hard in his own position, silently writing a paean for HOLTOP with their cultivation.

2020 Annual Awards Ceremony

With handful of gorgeous memories and good wishes, a video of “Concentric, Co-creation, and Sharing” marked the beginning of the 2019 HOLTOP Group Awards Ceremony and the Spring Festival Annual meeting.


The HOLTOP Group awarded the outstanding employees and teams, and hopes that everyone will take this as an example to achieve even better results in 2020.
Every year, HOLTOP will add a group of 10-year-old employees who dedicated their youth to our common cause. Hard work and persistence have shaped their 10-year achievements. Thank them for their selfless dedication. In the future, we will work together to create more brilliant success!
Along the way, the company’s development is inseparable from the hard work of each employee, more importantly from the wisdom and hard work of the management team. Resolute judgment and execution have shaped today’s achievements.


The HOLTOP family is full of talented. Employees took part in the shows by singing, dancing, joyful sketches, poetry reading, etc.

Spring Festival Annual Meeting

A chorus of “Me and My Motherland-HOLTOP Grows with the Motherland” ushered in the evening. HOLTOP chairman and President Zhao Ruilin led the chorus to praise the growth our motherland. Thanks to all HOLTOP people and we believe HOLTOP will be better tomorrow!

In 2020, HOLTOP Group will stand on its own, making great efforts to improve products to better meet customer needs; making internal management more efficient, making the organization more scientific, and process more smoothly. At the same time, we continue to promote our enterprise spirit of “pragmatic, responsibility, collaboration, innovation” to achieve one goal after another.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, HOLTOP Group sincerely wishes everyone health and luck!

Post time: Jan-12-2020