17 Years Development of Holtop


17 years of holtopHOLTOP is 17 years old.

Since its establishment, HOLTOP Group has been adhering to the corporate spirit of “pragmatic, responsible, collaborative and innovative”, carrying the mission of “making the air treatment more healthy and energy-saving” and establishing the core values of “customer-centered”. HOLTOP not only pursues customer satisfaction but also customers trust. We know that only such a company can go further.

Looking back at the development history of HOLTOP Group, we have developed so many competitive products with a steady pace, which has won wide recognition in the market and praised by the society. We integrate technical resources and human resources, setting market-oriented, scientific management standards, presenting the best products to the customer’s interests as the starting point with the spirit of innovation, earnestly demanding every details in the product, and wholeheartedly creating classics.

holtop developement

Hereby, we sincerely hope that our customers, designers, business partners and friends at home and abroad will pay attention to and support the growth of HOLTOP Company. We strongly believe that with the common support and help of everyone, HOLTOP will keep the leadership in the field of healthy and energy saving air treatment.

Holtop development history: https://www.holtop.com/company/history/ 


Post time: May-18-2019