HOLTOP Granted ‘Beijing Enterprise Technology Center’ Accreditation

Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology recently announced the release of the “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center Directory.” HOLTOP has been granted the esteemed status of a “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center.” This recognition stands as a testament to HOLTOP’s relentless commitment to innovation and marks another significant milestone following its previous accolade as a Beijing “Specialized and New Small Giant” for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Beijing Enterprise Technology  Center Directory

The coveted “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center” certification, conferred by the Beijing Municipal Government, represents a hallmark for enterprises showcasing remarkable technological prowess, impactful innovation, and pivotal roles in demonstration and guidance. Its overarching goal is to bolster the pivotal role of enterprises as torchbearers in technological innovation, foster the high-quality development of enterprise technology centers, standardize their management, and invigorate the vigour of Beijing’s specialized and new key industries.

Beijing Enterprise Technology Center

HOLTOP, with an extensive legacy in the air treatment domain spanning over two decades, has steadfastly provided energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable, comfortable, and healthy air environments across diverse building landscapes. The company has meticulously established a research and development framework intricately intertwined with industry progress, including the establishment of a nationally certified enthalpy difference laboratory. This prestigious recognition as a “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center” sets the stage for HOLTOP’s further fortification and expansion, solidifying its core competitive edge.

holtop four-degree buildings

At the forefront of pioneering the “four-degree buildings” paradigm encompassing air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and freshness, HOLTOP’s flagship heat exchanger products and autonomously developed air conditioning solutions seamlessly cater to multifaceted demands in building energy efficiency, environmental comfort, and intelligent control. Bolstered by continuous amplification of research and development investments, the company’s products have garnered over a hundred patent certifications. This distinguished recognition as a “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center” is poised to galvanize even greater strides in technological innovation within the organization, propelling industrial technological research and development, refining technical standards, nurturing innovative talents, and advancing comprehensive implementation of technological innovation processes.

Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprises

In the year 2023, HOLTOP has once again achieved dual high-tech enterprise recognitions, proudly holding the status of a “National High-Tech Enterprise” and a “Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise.” Anchored in a relentless pursuit of technological and product innovation, HOLTOP’s range of air conditioning products, including full DC inverter air conditioning units, modular units, heat pump units, and rooftop air conditioning units, have garnered escalating acclaim and trust from clients due to their unmatched quality and superior energy-saving attributes. The dual recognition as a “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center” and a “High-Tech Enterprise” is poised to infuse renewed vitality into the company, fostering sustained investment in the research and development of new technologies and products, aimed at serving diverse industries with exceptional, energy-efficient solutions.


This distinguished recognition as a “Beijing Enterprise Technology Center” underscores Beijing’s unequivocal acknowledgment of HOLTOP’s accomplishments across innovation capabilities, research and development investments, technological prowess, competitive edge, scale of development, and intellectual property. Looking ahead, HOLTOP remains resolutely committed to leveraging its core energy-saving technology advantage, steadfastly steering towards low-carbon environmental initiatives, and incessantly exploring new frontiers to elevate its technological innovation prowess, thereby propelling industry-wide progress.


Post time: Dec-12-2023