HOLTOP Celebrate 2024 Lunar New Year And Chinese New Year

When is Chinese New Year in 2024, and which animal represents it this time?

On February 10, 2024, the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching! Across the globe, people will celebrate this important holiday together with China. This year’s zodiac animal is the Dragon, symbolizing strength, luck, and success. Let’s welcome the new year together and wish everyone good health, prosperity, and happiness!

Chiness New Years Schedule

Events to celebrate Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year with Holtop.

Chinese Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance is a traditional performing art with symbolic significance in Chinese culture. These majestic lion dancers often appear at celebrations and festive events to showcase strength, courage, and wisdom. Typically performed by two dancers, one controls the lion’s head while the other manipulates the lion’s body. They mimic the movements and expressions of a lion through body sways, leg lifts, and playful gestures. During the performance, the lion may engage in symbolic battles, rolls, leaps, and flips to demonstrate strength and skill. Accompanied by the rhythmic beats of drums and other percussion instruments, the Chinese Lion Dance adds to the festive atmosphere. These performances not only serve as entertainment but also serve as a means of preserving and showcasing Chinese culture and values.

Chinese Lion Dance

Hang up couplets, paper-cut window decorations, and red lanterns

In China, it is a traditional custom to hang up couplets, paper-cut window decorations, and red lanterns during the Chinese New Year period, which are considered important ways to bring good luck and blessings. Hanging couplets involves placing auspicious phrases on the door or indoors to welcome the arrival of the new year. Paper-cut window decorations refer to various shapes and patterns made from colored paper, such as flowers, animals, etc., pasted on windows to enhance the festive atmosphere. Hanging red lanterns involves decorating the interior and exterior of houses with red lanterns, symbolizing joy and happiness. These traditional decorations not only make homes warmer but also fill people with anticipation and blessings for the new year.

Couplets, paper-cut window decorations, and red lanterns

Big family reunion dinner (年夜饭)

In China, the New Year’s Eve dinner, known as the “big family reunion dinner,” (年夜饭)is a huge deal. It’s all about gathering around the table with loved ones, digging into tons of delicious dishes that symbolize good luck and prosperity. Think fish, chicken, meats, veggies, and loads of regional specialties.

Big family reunion dinner

Lucky money(压岁钱)” and “hongbao(红包)

There’s the tradition of giving out red envelopes filled with cash, known as “lucky money(压岁钱)” and ”hongbao(红包).” These are given by elders to the younger ones as a symbol of blessings and good fortune. It’s a sweet way for the older folks to show their love and care, and for the kids, it’s a super exciting part of the holiday season they eagerly look forward to!

Lucky money 红包

Chinese New Year is a huge Festival, turning the city into a colorful party zone with decorations everywhere and tons of fun events going on. Get the party started with Holtop Chinese New Year Greeting, kicking off a year packed with good vibes, fortune, and happiness!

Holtop Chinese New Year Greeting

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