• Square mita gbóògì ìtẹlẹ

    Square mita gbóògì ìtẹlẹ

    Da ni 2002, Holtop ni asiwaju olupese ni China pẹlu awọn ti gbóògì ijoko ti ooru ati agbara recovery fentilesonu awọn ọja ni Asia, bo diẹ ẹ sii ju 70,000m2 agbegbe.
  • Sipo Production Agbara

    Sipo Production Agbara

    Holtop kọ ohun ijẹrisi eto ti ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 bi daradara bi ọja iwe eri ọna šiše. A ni awọn orilẹ-fọwọsi enthalpy yàrá, lagbara R & D egbe si gbà 30+ awọn iwe-.
  • Domestic Market Share

    Domestic Market Share

    Holtop oluwa awọn mojuto ọna ti ooru imularada ati ki o Oun ni No. 1 oja ipin ti owo agbara imularada ventilators ni China pẹlu lododun idagbasoke ti 40% +. Ọja ti wa ni okeere to 100+ awọn orilẹ-ede.

Asiwaju ERV išoogun

Holtop ni No. 1 olupese ti Heat & Energy Recovery fentilesonu ọja ni China, ki o si titunto si aye asiwaju mojuto ọna ti ooru ati agbara imularada.

Abe ile AIR ILERA Amoye

Today's modern buildings are well insulated, which bring airborne pollutants. Holtopventilation systems help remove allergy-aggravating particles and germs by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh and clean outside air.


Making comfort conditions and air quality inside buildings are more important than ever today. Holtop AHUs are modular design, adapting to the needs of a variety of applications.


Holtop global distribution conference will be held from 12th-14th April 2019 in Beijing China. We are honored to invite our worldwide distributors to attend this event and share the quick growth of heat and energy recovery ventilation market throughout the world.

Agbaye Project Igba