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Will You Pay Attention on the Hotel Ventilation System

When people are on a business trip, travel or visit relatives far away, they may choose hotel for resting. What will they consider before they make the choice, the comfort, the convenience or the price level? Actually, the choice of hotel may affect their feeling or even concern during the whole trip.
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With the pursuit of high quality life, the decoration of the hotel or the service star on the hotel website will be not the onlyselectioncriteria, consumers now focus more on the physical sensations. And the indoor air quality becomes one of the vital criteria. After all, no one want to stay in the hotel with low ventilation rate and peculiar smell.
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Hotels should pay much attention to the indoor air quality, since some harmful substance, like formaldehyde or VOC will release for a long time. Moisture in the washroom or dusk and germ on the furniture will bring high concentration of harmful gas. Such air condition will be hard to attract customers, no matter how splendid the hotel is.

Choose hotel with ventilation system.

The demand of air quality brings a question to us, will you live in the hotel without air ventilation system? Actually, only after we experience the fresh air the ERVs bring to us that will we understand how perfect it feels. Therefore, having a set of air ventilation system is one of the criteria to ensure the high quality of the hotel. The ventilation system can eliminate the dirty air and send the fresh air into indoor after air filtration.

What’s more, different from the central air conditioning, energy recovery ventilation system would be silencer. No one likes hearing noise during their sleep time, so customer may shut down the air conditioning at night, and turn it on next day, this way energy will be wasted. However, ERV system is different, it is in low noise, and it can run over 24 hours a day but will not use too much energy.
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Low noise, fresh air, safety and energy saving, the energy recovery ventilation system can bring much more than you imagine.