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VRF Market Analysis

VRF, which has achieved successful sales in the past, affected by the gloomy economic, showed negative growth in its major market for the first time.

The followings are the situation of VRF in the world markets.

The European VRF market has increased by 4.4%* year on year. And in the United States market, which is catching eyes from worldwide, indicating an 8.6% growth rate, but this growth cannot reach the expectation owing to the reduced governmental budget. In the US market, Mini-VRFs accounted for 30% of all VRFs, indicating greater demand as replacement of chillers in light commercial applications. With their technology, VRF systems are expanding their application in various places. Nonetheless, VRF still accounts for only about 5% of the U.S. commercial air conditioner market.

In Latin American, VRF market fell on the whole. Among the product, Heat pump types dominated the market. Brazil maintained its position as Latin America's largest VRF market, followed by Mexico and Argentina.

Let's look at the Asia market.

In China, the VRF market dropped sharply year-on- year, but the mini-VRFs still keeps rising with 11.8%. The shrinking also occurs in the Southeast Asia market and more investment and training will be needed to cultivate dealers. However, in India, the number of mini-VRF systems is increasing as the cities growing. And the models with heating functions are also improving in the northern India.

In Middle Eastern market, driven by growing population and an increasing number of large city development projects, VRF which are operated under a severe working condition such as high outdoor temperatures surpassing 50°C, is increasing. And in Australia, VRF systems have been increasingly over the past 10 years, but the growth of mini-VRF systems has been sharp attributed to higher demand from urban high-rise condominium projects. Noteworthy is the fact that heat recovery VRFs in Australia account for 30% of the overall market.

The energy recovery ventilator is one of the main parts of VRF system. Effected by the gloomy economic, the growth of market of commercial ERV will slow down. But as people pay more attention on the indoor air quality, the residential ERV market will be expected a fast grow this year.

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*The data in this report are all from JARN June 330 issue.