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How to choose HRV and ERV

HRV means heat recovery ventilator which is a system that built in heat exchanger (normally made by aluminum), this kind of system can expel the indoor stale air and at the same time to use the heat/cool from stale air to pre-heat/pre-cool the incoming fresh air, in this way to reduce indoor heating/cooling device energy consumption from heating up or cooling down the fresh air to the ambient indoor temperature.

ERV means energy recovery ventilator which is a new generation system that built in enthalpy exchanger (normally made by paper), ERV system has same like function of HRV and at the same time it can recover latent heat (humidity) from stale air as well. At the same time, ERV always tends to keep the same indoor humidity so people indoor feel soft and not effected by high/low humidity from fresh air.

How to choose HRV and ERV is based on the climate and what heating/cooling device you have.

1. User have cooling device in Summer and the humidity outdoor is too high then ERV is suitable in this situation, because under the cooling device indoor temperature is low and at the same time humidity is soft ( A/C will expel indoor humidity because of the condensate water), with the ERV it can expel indoor stale air, pre-cool the fresh air and also expel the humidity in fresh air before entering house.

2. User have heating device in Winter and at the same time indoor humidity is too high but outdoor humidity is soft, then HRV is suitable in this situation, because HRV can pre-heat the fresh air, at the same time can expel the high humidity indoor air to outside and bring in outdoor fresh air with soft humidity (without latent heat exchange). On the contrary, if the indoor humidity is soft already and the outdoor fresh air is too dry or too humid, then ERV is the one user should choose.

So, choosing an HRV or ERV is important based on different indoor/outdoor humidity and also the climate, if you are still confused then we welcome you contact Holtop via email for help.

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