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Heat recovery ventilation system development in China

There are two ways to improve air quality, one is by reducing the public pollution, another is by increasing the personal indoor air quality. In China, government pays attention to the prior solution and achieves very good effect, however, for personal indoor air quality, people pay seldom attention on this.

In fact, since the SARS in 2003, heat recovery ventilation system was welcome shortly, but accompany with disease’s leaving, this kind of system forgotten by people slowly. From 2010, Because of the Chinese real estate market rapid development, more and more people invest in the high end living building and heat recovery ventilation system returns to the public view.

PM2.5, a special index which means how serious the air is polluted is getting very hot in China, Beijing, capital of China who with high PM2.5 is even considered to be a city no suitable for human living in. PM2.5 is known as the respirable suspended particulates which is harmful for human, it will cause respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases very easily. In the past, air pollutant in Beijing is normally above 100μm, but these years the pollutant is getting smaller and smaller, when pollutant diameter is smaller than 2.5μm then we call it PM2.5 and they can enter our respiratory tract and precipitate inside the pulmonary alveoli.

“A healthy flat should have very seldom PM2.5 pollutant inside, this means we need to have a high efficiency air filter in our ventilation system unit” residential building expert said.

“Besides the high efficiency air filter is important, energy saving is also important” Mr. Hou said, this means when we using a ventilation system we’d better have it built in the heat recovery function, in this way it will not be the burden for a family power consumption.

According to the research, in European families ventilation system popularizing rate is more than 96.56%, In UK, Japan and America, gross value of ventilation system production even occupy more than 2.7% of the GDP value.