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European Union enact new energy target

Because the crisis of Ukraine importing gas form Russia recently, the European Union enact a new energy target on 23rd July, aiming to reduce the energy consumption by 30% till 2030. According to this target, the whole European Union will benefit from the positive effects.

EU climate commissioner Connie said that this action could reduce the EU's dependence on importing natural gas and fossil fuels from Russia and other countries. She also said that energy conservation measures are not only the good news for climate and investment, but also good news for Europe's energy security and independence.

Currently, the EU spends more than 400 billion euros in importing fossil fuels, among these a large portion are from Russia. The European Commission’s calculations show that every 1% of the energy savings, the EU will be able to reduce gas imports by 2.6%.

Due to the high dependence on imported energy, EU leaders pay serious attention to the development of new energy and climate strategy. In the recently concluded EU Summer summit meeting, EU leaders put forward that in the coming 5 years they will enact the new energy and climate strategy, and the purpose is in order to avoid highly dependent on fossil fuels and natural gas import.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the EU leaders said because of the geopolitical events, and the impact of climate change on a global scale energy competition has forced the EU to rethink energy and climate strategy. To ensure energy security, the EU's goal is to establish an "affordable, safe and sustainable" energy alliance.

Over the next five years, the EU's energy and climate strategy will focus on three aspects: First, the development of enterprises and the public affordable energy, specific work includes improving energy efficiency to reduce energy demand, the establishment of an integrated energy market, strengthen the bargaining power of the European Union etc. Second, ensure energy security and accelerate the diversification of energy supply and paths. Third, develop green energy to slow down the global warming.

In January 2014, the European Commission proposed in the "2030 Climate and Energy Framework" that in 2030, greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 40%, renewable energy increased by at least 27%. However, the commission didn’t set targets for energy efficiency. The new proposed energy efficiency goal is the improvement to above framework.

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