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Energy recovery ventilation becomes important in household

Compared to public concern for urban air quality, indoor air quality is not being taken seriously. In fact, for most people, almost 80 percent of the time spend indoors. An expert said, large particles can be isolated by the network window, but PM2.5 and below particles can easily enter the indoor, it’s stability strong, not easy to settle to the ground, it can stay for days or even dozens of days in indoor air.

Health is the first element of life, becoming one of main factors to consider when buying residential, residential minimum requirements should greatly reduce the possibility of health into the interior of PM2.5, good ventilation equipment installation performance , able to indoor pollutants discharged outdoors. Especially for high air tightness and well insulated buildings, ventilation system become a must. For polluted areas, the high efficient air inlet filter is necessary to stop the air pollution outside, to ensure access to the indoor air is truly fresh air.

According to statistics, Energy recovery ventilator(ERV) in Europe and home penetration has reached 96.56%, In the United States , Japan, Britain and other developed countries , the industry in the proportion of GDP reached 2.7%. But currently in China is just in its infancy. According to the latest report Navigant research institutions, ERV global market revenues will grow from $ 1.6 billion in 2014 to $ 2.8 billion in 2020.

Considering its advantages of improving indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption, ERV has become more and more popular in household.