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Chinese New Green Settlements Standards

China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization announced, the GREEN SETTLEMENTS STANDARDS CECS377:2014 will be put into effect from Oct 1, 2014 after its publication on Jun 19, 2014, which is edited and examined by Environmental Committee of China Real Estate Research.

The standards have been compiled lasted eight years and become the first industry standards association of green residential construction in China. They combine the international advanced green building evaluation system with the local urban construction and real estate development mode, filling the blank of Chinese green settlement standards, and motivating the practice.

The standards conclude 9 chapters, such as the general terms, glossary, construction site integration, regional value, traffic effectiveness, humanistic harmonious habitations, resouces and energy resources utility, comfortable environment, sustainable settlements management, ect.. They cover living surroundings, natural source usage, open district, pedestrian traffic, commerce block site and so on, aiming at planting the sustainable development concept in the project development and management, to ensure the citizen is living in a clean, beautiful, convenient, multifunctional, green and harmonious community.

The standards will come into force on Oct. 10, 2014. They have the innovativity to extend the study and evaluation field from green building to green settlements. They apply not only to new town settlements, eco-city construction and industrial park construction, but also has a positive role in guiding the rebuilding of the town and green eco building projects of small towns.

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