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Heat&Energy Recovery Ventilators

Model description


Installation type

D-Suspended type, L-Floor type, W-Wall type (external or balcony), G-Wall type (internal or balcony)


XHBQ-D10T refers to suspended type ERV with plate heat exchanger, supply airflow of 1000m³/h, and multispeed.


Model description

HR T- 3000- 4 D A- A 2- E
  • Stands for Holtop rotary heat exchanger
  • T/S
    T stands for total heat wheel. The wheel is made by aluminum foils coated with 3A molecular sieve moisture absorbent, which enables the wheel to exchange both temperature and humidity, in another word to exchange both sensible heat and latent heat.
    S stands for sensible heat wheel. It generally recovers no latent heat, only when the condensation occurs, can it recover part of that latent heat.
  • Stands for effective wheel diameter
  • 1/4/8/16/24 stands for segment amount of the heat wheel, see P6.
  • A/B/C/D/E stands for the casing code, see P5
  • A/D stands for type of casing.
    A stands for inner-loaded type which has no side panels and usually is loaded inside the AHU.
    D stands for open type which has side panels and is installed between the ducts.
  • A/B/C/D/E/┄P stands for the type of installation, see P8.
  • 1/2/3/4 stands for the motor position, see P8.
  • Stands for intelligent control. It’s optional, users can use their own control device to control the ON/OFF of wheel.



Model description

HB S - W 412/412 - 400 - 3 B - 1
  • Stands for Holtop plate heat exchanger
  • Function code: S - sensible heat exchanger, T - total heat exchanger.
  • Structure code: W - crossflow plate fin heat exchanger, ZF - crossflow heat exchanger, CF - counterflow plate heat exchanger, LB - cross-counterflow heat exchanger.
  • Stands for the cross section size (mm)
  • Stands for length of the heat exchanger (mm)
  • Stands for plate distance (mm)
  • Material: B - standard type, F - anti-corrosion, G - High temperature
  • 1/2/3, stands for air streams direction


HJK AHU model numbers



Understanding Housing specs

Husing is panel structured, designed and producted modularly



Housing series
08A: 25mm thick panel of floor AHU, suitable for 2000~40000CMH.
08B: 40mm thick panel of floor AHU, suitable for 10000~50000CMH.
Modular number and dimension calculation

1) Height(H): 08A H=n*102+40+100(underframe), 08B H=n*102+70+100(underframe)
2) Width(W): 08A W=n*102+40,
08B W=n*102+70