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Rotary Heat Exchanger
Rotary Heat Exchanger Model: HRS-500~HRS-5000
Diameter: 500-5000mm
Introduction: Sensible heat recovery
Heat efficiency up to 70% to 90%
Double sealing system
Double purge sector
Certification: ce9001rohs
  • Rotary heat exchanger (wheel) is mainly used in building ventilation or in the air supply/discharge system of air conditioning equipment. The wheel transfers the energy (cold or heat) contained in exhaust air to the fresh air supplied to indoor. It's one important equipment and key technology in the field of construction energy-saving.
  • Rotary heat exchanger is composed of heat wheel, case, drive system and sealing parts. The heat wheel rotates powered by the drive system. When outdoor air passes through half of the wheel, return air passes through reversely the rest half of the wheel. In this process, about 70% to 90% heat contained in the return air can be recovered to supply air to indoor.
  • Main features of Holtop rotary heat exchanger
    1. High efficiency of sensible heat recovery
    2. Double labyrinth sealing system ensures minimal air leakage.
    3. Self-cleaning efforts prolong service cycle, reducing maintenance cost.
    4. Double purge sector minimizes carryover from exhaust air into supply air stream.
    5. Life-time-lubricated bearing requires no maintenance under normal usage.
    6. Interior spokes are used to mechanically bond the rotor's laminations to reinforce the wheel.
    7. Completed range of rotor diameter from 500mm to 5000mm, rotor can be cut into 1pc to 24pcs for easy transportation, various types of housing construction is available as well.
    8. Selection software for convenient selection.
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