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Plate Heat Exchanger
Rotary Heat Exchanger
Model: HBT-W168/168~ HBT-W2052/2052
Introduction: Crossflow type
Optional corrugation height
Various specifications
Selection software
Certification: ce9001rohs
  • Working principle of Holtop crossflow plate fin total heat exchangers (E.R. Paper for enthalpy exchange core)
  • The flat plates and the corrugated plates form channels for fresh or exhaust air stream. When the two air steams passing through the exchanger crossly with temperature difference, the energy is recovered.
  • Main features
    1. Made of E.R. paper, which is featured by high moisture permeability, good air tightness, excellent tear resistance, and aging resistance.
    2. Structured with flat plates and corrugated plates.
    3. Two air streams flow crossly.
    4. Suitable for room ventilation and industrial ventilation system.
    5. Heat recovery efficiency up to 70%"
pdf PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER Energy catalog.pdf (1000.65 KB)