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Plate Heat Exchanger
HPS-2-7.jpg Model: HPS-2-7.8*2.5~ HPS-8-35.8*32
Introduction: - Made by cooper tube with hydrophilic aluminum fin
- Filled with special fluoride for heat exchange media
- Heat insulation section in the middle for heat and cold source insulation
- Free of maintenance, washable and longer service life
- Total heat recovery efficiency up to 82%
Certification: ce9001rohs
  • 1. Applying cooper tube with hydrophilic aluminum fin, low air resistance, less condensing water, better anti-corrosion.
  • 2. Galvanized steel frame, good resistance to corrosion and higher durability.
  • 3. Heat insulation section separates heat source and cold source, then liquid inside the pipe has no heat transfer to outside.
  • 4. Special inner mixed air structure, more uniform airflow distribution, making heat exchange more sufficient.
  • 5. Different working area designed more reasonably, Special heat insulation section avoids leakage and crosscontamination of supply and exhaust air, heat recovery efficiency is 5% higher than the traditional design.
  • 6. Inside the heat pipe is special fluoride without corrosion, it is much safer.
  • 7. Zero energy consumption, free of maintenance.
  • 8. Reliable, washable and long life.
pdf PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER Energy catalog.pdf (1000.65 KB)