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High efficiency HRV with counter flow heat exchanger Site:Home >Products >Heat Recovery Ventilators


Heat Recovery Ventilator
Heat Recovery Ventilator Model: XHBX-E3T
Airflow: 300m³/h
Introduction: 1.Energy saving
2.Counterflow heat exchanger
4.EC fan
5.High efficiency
Certification: ce9001rohs
  • High efficiency with with counterflow heat exchanger, heat recovery efficiency up to 90%
  • Energy efficient - With built-in EC fan, total energy consumption at 300m3/h airflow and 100Pa is only 88W
  • Compact - Unit with low height and improved component positioning to minimize size
  • Sound proofed
  • Good air tightness and thermal insulation
  • Automatic bypass - Enables the unit to make natural ventilation in suitable climates, which can prolong the service life of the heat exchanger.
  • Balanced ventilation
  • Optional comfortable heater - water heating coils or electrical heater available
  • Application
    Suitable for household with area of up to 200㎡.
catalogue of HRV-XHBX-E3T.pdf
pdf catalogue of HRV-XHBX-E3T.pdf (711.16 KB)