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Energy Recovery Ventilator
Energy recovery ventilator Model: XHBQ-B1.0T/TL~XHBQ-B3.5T/TL
Airflow: 65-350m³/h

Slim design
Quiet operation
Easy maintenance

Certification: 9001
  • 1.Super-slim design, minimizing the installation space
    With a thickness from 210mm to 230mm, installation can be made with 250mm to270mm ceiling.
  • 2.Energy saving
    It improves indoor comfort and air quality while substantially reducing running costs of air conditioning system.
  • 3.Quiet operation
    It’s equipped with high quality motor with warranty of 5 years, providing easy and relaxed living environment.
  • 4.High energy recovery efficiency
    The heat recovery efficiency is up to 87% in winter.
  • 5.Easy installation and maintenance
    The maintenance space below requires 550*550mm only, saving installation works and easy to maintain. Heat exchanger and filters can be drew out for maintenance.
  • 6.Left type or right type available for different applications.
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