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Energy Recovery Ventilator
Energy recovery ventilator Model: XHBQ-D1.5DDCTPA ~ XHBQ-D20DCTPA
Airflow: 150-2000 m³/h
Introduction: ERP 2018 compliant
Brushless DC motor
Crossflow heat exchanger
Certification: ce
  • Wide range air volume from 150m3/h to 2000m3/h, 10 speeds control
  • High efficiency brushless DC motor, ERP 2018 compliant
  • High efficiency counterflow heat exchanger, efficiency up to 80%
  • Auto summer bypass, auto winter defrost, weekly time, RS485 integrated (BMS)
  • Optional CO2 sensor to control CO2 concentration
  • Multiple auto defrosting mode, outdoor operation temperature down to -15 ℃