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Air Handling Units
Fresh air handling unit Model: HJK-001~HJK-100
Introduction: Custom built unit
Modular combination
Rotary heat exchange
Energy saving
Excellent thermal insulation
Certification: ce9001rohs
  • Functions of Air handling unit
  • Fresh air handling unit can bring in fresh air and exhaust out the stale indoor air as well, thus to keep indoor space in natural comfort.
  • Built-in Holtop rotary heat exchanger transfers energy contained in the outgoing indoor air to the coming fresh air, fresh air is precooled or preheated before supplying indoor, thus greatly reducing air conditioning load.
  • Various functional sections such as filter section, cooling/heating section, humidifying section etc. can be combined together to meet different air treatment requirements.
  • Construction features of Holtop fresh air handling unit

    1. Frost resisting cold bridge design
    Double-skin panel sandwiched with high density PU foam, thermal conductivity below 0.01999W/m•°C, insuring high performance between -40°C and +70°C.

    2. High mechanical strength
    Galvanized sheet inner skin, color steel sheet outer skin, strong steel framework, pressure endurance up to 2000Pa, suitable for large air application.

    3. High air impermeability
    Double inlaid sealing to join the frameworks and panels tight, minimizing air leakage.

    4. Flexible combination
    Designed with 102mm modulus, frameworks and panels are flexible to change according to design requirements.
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