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After one year of development, we have completed the PMTH series energy recovery ventilator from airflow from 150m3/h to 1300m3/h. The whole series of PMTH is equipped with sub-HEPA filters which can filtrate more than 80% of PM2.5 particles. Besides, the air channels were improved to reduce inner air resistance and the performance of fans were enhanced to ensure the silent operation.

On the other hand, the development of PMTG series ERV are almost finished now, the series range from 1000-3000m3/h, with sub-HEPA filters which can be used in operation room with PM2.5 filtration efficiency of 80%. What's more, the PMTG series use the sandwich panels to improve thermal insulation ability, strengthen the construction and have better sound insulation. Besides, the patented soft sealing technology ensures the air change effectiveness and minimize cross contamination. According to the development schedule, they can be put into mass production at the end of this year.

The PMTH series ERV is able to receive order now, for more production information, please contact our service team.

PMTH series ERV