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The functions of intelligent controller have been upgraded. And it is much more powerful and suitable for various project requirements.
  • - Various fan speed control to offer different supply air volume and ESP
  • - Individual supply and exhaust fan control to create positive or negative indoor air
  • - Temperature display to monitor indoor and outdoor temperature constantly
  • - Auto bypass to supply outdoor comfortable fresh air in transition seasons.
  • - Power to auto restart allow ventilator recover automatically from power cut down
  • - Alternative EA fan defrosting or OA electrical heater solution to suit different climate in Winter
  • - Optional CO2 concentration control
  • - Optional humidity sensor to control indoor humidity
  • - RS485 connectors available for BMS central control
  • - Weekly timer function ensures the perfect indoor air quality at the same time to minimize power consumption.
  • - External control and on/error signal output to allow administrator monitor and control the ventilator easily
  • - Night free cooling function available to save air conditioner running cost
  • - Filter alarm to remind user cleaning the filter in time
  • - Working status and fault display

This upgrade controller is suitable for the following models:

XHBQ-B1.5TA~B3.5TA (no bypass) XHBQ-W3TA~W10TA (no bypass) XHBQ-G3TA (no bypass)

And the noble touch screen controller is also available now.

bule cp.jpgwhite cp.jpg

intelligent touch screen 21 v02.jpg