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Holtop has launched a new series of energy recovery ventilators, named Miss Slim, including the industry’s thinnest model. 

Super slim energy recovery ventilator.jpg Holtop launched new Miss Slim ERV series02.jpg

The thickness of new model with airflow of 100m3/h is only 210mm, thus requiring the industry’s smallest installation space (down 20% from the company’s previous model). It can be installed with 250mm ceiling, suitable for the application of small apartments and hotel rooms. Hole in the wall to connect outside only Φ80mm, greatly reducing engineering works and keeping wall neat.
Other model with airflow ranging from 120 to 350m3/h. The whole series are featured by 
1. Super-slim design, minimizing the installation space.
2. Energy saving.
3. Quiet operation.
4. High energy recovery efficiency.
5. Easy installation and maintenance.
Besides, all of the development, tests and production are complied with our National Standard GB/T 21087-2007 to guarantee superior quality. The success of the launch of the new series ERV marks the leadership of Holtop in fresh air ventilation market.