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Holtop commits to providing industrial air conditioners for auto manufacturers. Its products have been widely used in the whole automobile manufacturing shop, including automotive painting workshop, punching workshop, welding workshop, engine plant, assembly shop, transmission and so on.

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So far, Holtop has provided combined industrial air conditioning, like constant temperature and humidity air conditioner for many automobile manufacturers such as Beijing Benz, Geely, Volvo, Shenyang BMW Brilliance Automotive, Dalian Chery, BAIC Senova, Zhongtong Bus, SGM. These units ensure the humiture and cleanliness of the automobile manufacturing shop.

1 The Painting Workshop Project of Changchun FAW Car Secondary Plant

In 2010, Holtop has provided 15 sets air conditioner units of 60,000 CMH and 80,000CMH air volume for the painting workshop of Changchun FAW Car Secondary Plant, for the manufacture of Gallops Car of B50 and B70 series.

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2. Project of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.

In 2009, Holtop has suppliedheat recovery air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger of 80,000 CMH for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.. And then it has also successfully applied for the assembly workshop in 2011.

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3. Project of Beijing Benz

From 2011 to 2012, Holtop has supplied more than 90 sets of heat recovery air handling units for Benz’s assembly workshop, painting workshop and so on, which can save costs of nearly 500,000 yuan every year for the company.

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4. Painting Workshop Project of Zhongtong Bus Liaocheng New Plant.

In 2013, Holtop has supplied Liaocheng new plant painting workshop of Zhongtong Bus Investment Holding Corporation with 10 sets combined air conditioners of 133,700~1, 6400 CMH, special for bodywork coating.

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5. Painting Workshop Project of Zhangjiakou Volvo

In 2015, Holtop has provided 17 sets combined air handling units special for painting workshop for Geely Zhangjiakou Volvo Holding Plant (including 5 sets for spray workshop, 5 sets for working position, 3 sets of recirculating air conditioners and 4 sets of HL-COOL.)

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6. Geely Belarus Painting Workshop Project

In 2015, Holtop has provided 28 sets combined air conditioners special for painting workshop for Geely Belarus project. These air conditioners includes 12 sets of industrial air conditioners, 16 sets of commercial air conditioners, 19 sets of heat recovery air handling units for welding workshop.

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