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Made in China created another milestone, China’s new Jetliner C919, took its first flight at 14:00pm on May 5 at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

With the C919, China is aiming to become one of the world's top makers of large commercial aircraft. The 158-seat plane is roughly the same size as Airbus's A320 and Boeing's 737-800, which are the most popular airliners on the planet.


While we focus on the C919 test flight, we are more concerned about the entire R & D and manufacturing process of C919. When first making the C919 proposal, many domestic and foreign experts do not agree with such a high risk and difficult projects, but in 2008, China Aviation Group adhere to the start this project.


In order to make the C919 project successfully completed, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd asks for the highest level of temperature, humidity, cleanliness, energy saving and other requirements of the air conditioning system for the C919 project new research and development, production, assembly plant. HOLTOP has beaten other competitors, provide 31 (sets) of the combination of heat recovery unit and fresh air purification system, to build a high-quality home for the birth of C919.


The first flight of C919 was successful , which symbolized the industrial might of an emerging superpower - and its dream to dominate a new technological era. We wish everybody love made-in-China products and made-in-China products serve homes around the world.