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Geely has established a large automobile assembly project with Belarusian government in 2013, which were constructed with assignmentof China President Xi Jinpin and Belarus President Lukashenk. Geely Group, along with BELAZ Company, the world's second largest mining machinery enterprise, and SOYUZ, a large-parts production joint venture, have established the first oversea automobile assembly plant. As the important nodule of Chinese policy “One Belt One Road”—the core enterprise in “Zhongbai Industrial Zone”, the Chinese biggestoverseas industrial zone, the project started to construction in May 2015. The first phase of plant includes soldering, spray and assemble production lines, invested by 330 million dollars and will be put into production in 2017. The plant, with a planned annual production capacity of 120,000 units, will produce Geely automobiles in Belarus, starting with the SUV-EX7, the Geely SC7, SC5 and the LC-CROSS. The project's production capacity and product line will subsequently be expanded to allow it to supply the wider CIS market.

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The president of Geely, AnHuichong introduces CKD plant layout to Li Qiang, the nomarch of Zhejiang Province, and vice governor of Minsk,

The project participants, Citic Group, Geely Group and Henan Plain Nonstandard Facility Company (Coating), think highly of the overall strength of supplier. After investigation and comparison, they finally choose Holtop to provide the whole set of air conditioning system and heat recovery system (more than 40 sets as total) for automotive coatingworkshop, small coating workshop, assembly workshop and welding workshop. The total amount of the assignment is near 20 million Yuan.

Holtop has provided optimal design for the central air conditioning system in this project. The AHU adopts seamless chassis structure (which is strong and anti-leakage) to ensure stable operation of the equipment. The heating system has applied the natural gas direct heating, combined with spray humidification system, cooling (heating) system, air supply system, filtering system and heat recovery system, to fully satisfy the technological requirements of temperature, humidity and cleanliness during the automobile assembly process. Especially, in the coating workshop (full automatic robot operation), the air conditioning unit inside uses stainless steel design. The original full metallic paint mist trap, greatly reduces the filter replacement cycle. Taking into account the geographical location of Belarus, all the cooling (heating) systems are all applied with constant flow system, which is independently developed and manufactured by Holtop.

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The Second Package, Central Air Conditioning System Products of Geely Belarus Project Has Delivered

This project, followed by many domestic projects, like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford, Volvo, Chery, BAIC, isthe first overseas automotive project of Holtop. The whole project were managed by the best team of the group, designedby the Industrial Environment Control Department, and well organized and manufactured in Badaling production base.The first batch of products have successfully delivered in April 23, 2016, then the second batch of products have also successfully shipped in May 23, 2016. In June of this year, Holtop engineers will go to the project siteand start the installation and commissioning for the central air conditioning system.