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During 9-11th April, 2014, Holtop exhibited in the CR2014 in Beijing New China International Exhibition Center. Our booth was located in W2F11 with area of 160m2, the biggest scale in latest year, outstanding in a batch of booths of air conditioning manufacturers. Holtop has become one of the dazzling stars in the HVAC industry, focusing on the applications and development of the air to air heat recovery technology. Our latest developed products for the exhibition were as below:

Holtop exhibited in CR2014-01
Holtop exhibited in CR2014-02 
Holtop exhibited in CR2014-03
Holtop exhibited in CR2014-04

1. EC motor energy recovery ventilator

The Miss Slim energy recovery ventilator is optional to equip with EC motor for energy saving: 30% energy reduction at high speed, 50% at medium speed, and 70% at low speed. And noise reduction by 2 to 5dB(A).

2. Energy recovery ventilator with sub-HEPA filter 

The Miss Slim energy recovery ventilator is also optional to equip with course filter and sub-HEPA filter to increase the fresh air filtration class up to F9. The filtration efficiency for outdoor pollutant PM2.5 is over 96%, to keep the fog and haze outdoor while supply clean and fresh air indoor. 

3. Energy recovery ventilator with electric heater

The Miss Slim energy recovery ventilator with electrical heater for cold climate is also shown. The running temperature range is from -25~40℃. Built-in electric heater has three grades and multiple protections. The power can be adjusted automatically according to the fresh air temperature.

4. Intelligent split type heat recovery air handling unit

New developed AHU with ethylene glycol circulation system for heat recovery, the fresh air and exhaust air is completely separated to avoid cross-contamination. And EC fans are also equipped for energy saving, especially suitable for hospitals and science labs.

5. Heat pipe heat exchanger

Heat is exchanged from two separated air streams by the phase transition of the liquid contained in the pipes. 

6. Wind-turbine cooler

It takes the free energy from the sucked-in natural cold air and transfers the cold energy to wind turbine nacelle air through the built-in heat exchanger.
Besides of our new products, we also showed the rotary heat exchanger with auto clean device, the heat recovery air handling unit designed for Mercedes-Benz project and our plate heat exchangers of various size.
During the exhibition, many customers from home and aboard were attracted by our advanced technology, and seeking cooperation with us. We hereby thanks for the supports of all visitors, hope we can join hands to reduce carbon footprints with heat recovery technology.