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Holtop New Exhibition Hall Was Officially Opened to Public. Your Visit is Hot Welcome! Site:Home >News

On December 1st, 2017, the new exhibition hall of Holtop Group was officially opened. Welcome new and old friends to visit us! The new exhibition hall is located on the first floor of the eastern office building in the headquarter of Holtop Group, Baiwang Mountain Forest Park North Road, Haidian District, Beijing. It is a functional, distinctive, artistic and experiential exhibition hall, which displays Holtop's expertise in a rich, diverse and sensible way in the field of commercial and industrial air conditioners, residential ventilation unit and environmental protectionproducts.



Professionalmakesthe Dream Come True

Holtop Group has focused on R & D and production of energy-saving air handling equipment for 16 years. Its business scope covers technology developing and equipment production in the area of residential, public, industrial and waste gas or liquid treatment, etc.

The new exhibition hall is an epitome of Holtop's years of achievement on energy-saving fresh air ventilation area, in which you can feel the excellent corporate culture of the Holtop, know its history, patents and see the complete product ranges. Holtop now serves more than 1 million users and get great reputation for the high quality.



Innovation Leads the Market

Holtop always regards breakthrough technology and innovation as the fundamental of company development, by holding breakthrough technology and innovative products to lead the market.

In the exhibition hall you can see the latest generation of the Holtop's core heat exchanger, commercial fresh air ventilation system, commercial air conditioning units, residential ventilation units, industrial air conditioning products, VOCs waste gas or waste liquid recycling system. Holtop people practise the corporation mission of "making the air handling healthier and more energy saving" with the spirit of ingenuity and innovative.



Technology Changes Life

Holtop Group has over 20 invention patents and participates in the promulgation and implementation of various national standards. Holtop introduces medical-grade fresh air technology, five-star hotel fresh air technology and industrial-grade fresh air technology into residential application.

In the exhibition hall, the newest fresh air ventilation system is installed. In the fresh air system experience room, you can truly feel the intelligent haze-removal fresh air system is changing your life.



Get to Know Us, Make Us Closer

The new exhibition hall helps you intuitively know more about Holtop, bringing you the most authentic experience so that you can truly feel that Holtop is a modern enterprise with the largest production scale for energy saving ventilation products in China.

The completion of the new exhibition hall, just like the long-simmering wine presenting in front of you and me, narrows the distance between us and bring the industry a new scene.