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Holtop keeps to develop customer-oriented products to meet the market demand. Now we have upgraded two ErP 2018 compliantproduct series: Eco-smart HEPA series(DMTH) and Eco-smart Plus series (DCTP). Sample orders are available now. We are ready for a more efficient future! How about you?

What is ErP and Ecodesign?

ErP stands for “Energy Related Products”. ErP is supported by Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), which is aiming towards significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and overall energy consumption by the year 2020. While supporting efficient use of energy and energy related products and phasing out inefficient products, the Ecodesign Directive also makes energy information and data about energy-efficient products more transparent and easy accessible for consumers.

The implementation of the Ecodesign Directive is split into a number of product areas, called ”lots”, focusing especially on the areas with significant energy consumption. Ventilation units are included in Ecodesign Lot 6, concerning ventilation, heating and air conditioning, an area, which represents about 15% of the total energy consumption in the EU.

The Directive for energy efficiency 2012/27/UE modifies Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC (ErP Directive) developing a new frame of Ecodesign requirements for energy-related products. This directive takes part into the 2020 strategy, according to which the energy consumption must be reduced a 20% and the renewable energies quote should increase in a 20% for 2020.

Why should we select ErP 2018 compliant products?

For manufacturers, the directive requires a change in strategy for how products are designed and how they are tested against certain parameters. Products that fail to meet the energy efficiency criteria will not receive a CE mark, so manufacturers will not legally be allowed to release them into the supply chain.

For contractors, specifiers and end users, ErP will help them make more informed choices when selecting ventilation products, such as air handling units.

By offering greater clarity on the efficiency of products, the new requirements will promote the consideration of higher-performing products, while delivering energy cost savings to end users.

Eco-smart HEPA series is design for NRVU, equipped with sub-HEPA F9 filter and pressure switch for measuring pressure loss on units with air filters. While Eco-smart Plus series is designed for RVU, equipped with high efficiency counterflow heat exchanger. Both series have visual filter warning at the control panel. The regulation will enter into force in 2018, and all the European member states should be applicable, it’s urgent to get the ventilation products compliant. Holtop will be your reliable partner with strong manufacturing and advanced R&D capability, we will supply you with quality products with wide range of product series and complete control functions to suitable different customer’s requirements. For more product information, please contact our sales team.