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Holtop Forest O2 Bar Global New Product Releasing Conference was successfully held at Beijing Palace Garden Hotel on 0ct.12th, 2017, with theme of “Healthier Breath for Brighter Future”. More than 500 honor partners from at home and abroad attended the conference. In this event, the new version wall mounted type energy recovery ventilator and vertical type energy recovery ventilator were formally launched to the market with improved design and function.


At the conference, Holtop Group Chairman and President Zhao Ruilin focused on Holtop 15 years’ entrepreneurship. The employees of Holtop has increased to more than 500 people. In 2016, the annual sales surpassed 260 million RMB, kept growing by 38% annually. Holtop marketing network is developed from Beijing to the whole country with 30 branches. The fresh air ventilation products are exported to more than 100 overseas countries and regions. After years of research and development innovation, Holtop product range has developed from single fresh air ventilation products into four main product lines, including household products, commercial products, industrial air conditioning and environmental protection products. Holtop people have been practicing the cooperate mission with spirit of "Making air healthier and energy saving" with ingenuity and innovation.

Cao Yang, Deputy Director of the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Chairman of China Fresh Air Ventilation Union has witnessed the development of Holtop Group from the earliest Chinese manufacturer of heat and energy recovery ventilation products to be the leader in the industry. He spoke highly of Holtop’s achievement in the industry and analyzed the development and prospect of domestic fresh air ventilation market and the newest standard of fresh air technology from the professional and academic point of view. Cao said "With the increasing popularity of the household products, the future market will demand higher quality and delicate fresh air ventilation products. Only those green, open and innovative enterprises can have a better and sustainable development.”


"According to the industry statistics, in 2016 China's fresh air ventilation system has reached 6.1 billion RMB. It is expected to achieve 9 billion RMB in 2017, with year-on-year growth of nearly 50%. It means that the fresh air ventilation industry is still in the outbreak and high growth period. “ Li Peng, Xinhua Net Residential Channel Director observed that the current domestic demand for air safety products is very strong. " I’m very pleased to see that Holtop and its represented relevant enterprises are creating and upgrading new products with strong creativity. Behind the upgrade of technology and market transformation, our living comfort and life safety index is also rising.” Cao said.

Mr. Riccardo Andriano, one of the customer representatives from Italy introduced the current development of the fresh air ventilation market in Italy and its mainstream brands. He said that in recent years, the sales volume of Italian fresh air residential products was around 150 million euros, and the penetration rate of ERV products was much higher than Chinese domestic. It’s mainly benefited from the support policy of government and environmental awareness.

One agent who cooperates with Holtop for almost 14 years said that Holtop fresh air ventilation product has ranked No.1 for 10 consecutive years in the industry. Holtop offers products and service to so many mainstream developers, auto companies, schools and other customers. Holtop not only focuses on good quality products but also human interact. Holtop is not only a business partner but also an old friend. The support of Holtop brand, technology and products become the strong backup of all agents, making Holtop a worthy trust and long-term cooperation enterprise.

At the same time, the newest Holtop Eco-clean Forest series energy recovery ventilators were officially launched into the market, which brings new atmosphere to the industry. The new products adopt HEPA filter with PM2.5 purification efficiency up to 99%. Creative normal/deep/ultra purification mode is optional to achieve quick purification within 30 minutes. The formaldehyde, benzene, odor, etc. can be cleaned with double effects. Besides, the new products are constructed with EPP forming, which is more environmental protection, safety, durability and with lower noise. What’s more, the creative two-way airflow structure brings better air circulation. With user friendly control, the operation is more convenient and practical.


At the event, Holtop Group and Suning E-commerce started a cooperation strategy. In the future , the two companies will promote quality life concept and air safety products together to consumers. Since October 12nd, 58 stores of Beijing Suning E-commerce officially launched sales of Holtop Eco-clean forest series products to bring fresh and clean air to thousands of families.