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On 22nd December of 2016, The 10th China HVACR Industrial Brand Event was solemnly held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, by the Chinese HVACR Association.

Under the witness of social media and other industry elite, HOLTOP won the award of “2016 leading brand ofventilation system”.

HOLTOP – the Leading Manufacturer of HVAC, Awarded Again2017

HOLTOP, as the leading manufacturer of HVAC product in China, are committed to customer-oriented spirit, taking the "purification + fresh air for healthy life" as the core design concept, to make all customers satisfactory.

At the same time, HOLTOP president, Mr. Zhao Rui Lin was awarded “the Leader of Ventilation System in 2016”. Mr. Zhao has been engaged in HVAC industry for more than 30 years and has been concentrated on air quality improvement, energy saving and environment protection. He makes excessive demands of details of products, and pay high attention on the product quality and innovations, to make Holtop grow fast and have breakthrough development. He has made great contribution to the China ventilation industry, and deserved such award.

HOLTOP won the award again.jpg HOLTOP – the Leading Manufacturer of HVAC, Awarded Again2017

In the era which fresh air system prevails, breathing is a very important event for everyone. As one of the high-quality brands in China, HOLTOP mainly devote to solving the indoor pollution, providing healthy fresh air, which can be used for home, office, hospital and other indoor environment.

Honor records the past glory, also indicates the bright future of HOLTOP, here we would like to express our sincerely thanks to all our customers, cooperators and our teammates, thanks for your support and affirmation always. With your help and supports, we will keep moving as the leader in the ventilation industry.