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The 28th China Refrigeration Exhibition was held from April 12nd to 14th in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Holtop showed the latest productsduring the exhibition.


Highlight 1

New “U”series Air Handling Unit

Holtop's new generation of "U" Series Air Handling Unit, has been far beyond normal standards in manyperformance characteristics. With nice appearance and superb performance, itshows the cutting-edge technologies and design in this industry.


Highlight 2

Holtopresidetial high purification energy recovery ventilators

Eco-clean wall mounted energy recovery ventilator

Eco-clean vertical energy recovery ventilator

Eco-slim energy recovery ventilation system

As the leading manufacturer of energy recovery ventilation products, Holtop has delivered products of various installation types, delicate design and high efficiency filtration class to many applications such asresidential houses, schools,offices, entertainment places, etc..


Highlight 3

Industry Air Handling Unit

We have cooperated with some famous Auto-mobile factories like Benz, Volvo, Geely for a long time by supplying air handling units, and earned good reputations. In 2016, Holtop industry air handling units were successfully applied in the airplane coating industry. Adhering to the concept of "focusing on health, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent industrial environment", Holtop always open doors to enterprises for business cooperation.