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With the development of the industries, air pollution becomes worse and worse, which brings so many diseases to people, especially children who have weaker resistance. Consequently, nowadays many parents would prefer to kindergarten with energy recovery ventilation for their children. IAQ becomes the new important factor to choose the school.

Recently, Muffy’s International Kindergarten becomes the popular school among parents in Beijing.

They has been installed Holtop Eco-clean purification energy recovery ventilators in the classrooms. The indoor air quality of each classroom after installing the ERV can be supervised anytime by teachers or parents via TV app or mobile app with android system.
Higher filtration, more health

As we can see from the display that the indoor air quality always maintained at excellent stage and PM2.5 value is 0 with Holtop Eco-clean ERV.

Holtop Eco-clean ERV like a safe guard of indoor air, to provide health and clean environment for children. Both children and teachers can breath the fresh air freely inside the classroom even under hazard weather.
Our “friend” from HOLTOP

Kids have fun with fresh air supplied by Holtop Eco-clean ERV.