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The world-famous 2016 G20 summit was held from September 4thto 5thin Hangzhou, China. As the world's second largest economy, also the world's largest developing country, China is more meaningful and responsibleto hold the G20 summit.


Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse is the guest reception center for G20 summit. It began building decoration and installation of various equipments in April of this year. When choosingthe fresh air purification system, after strict selection and compare of numbers of manufacturers, Holtop finally was selected asthe supplier of fresh air handling systems.


Hence, Holtop began to assume the security work of the room’s air comfort. To guarantee the smooth convening of the summit on September 4th, experts of Holtop Hangzhou sales branch carried on the detailed investigation and then drew out optimal design for the scheme of fresh air, fully considering the reasonable distribution of air and making every efforts to conform to the requirements of the site environment, so that to achieve the best comfortable effect. During installation, Holtop sent the professionals to carry on the strict and precise guidanceon-site, to ensure optimum equipment operating status from all aspects. During the summit, Holtop’s senior engineers are on duty 24 hours a day shift to ensure trouble-free and stable operation.



G20 summit successfully held, Holtop did her contribution.