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Accompanied with the air conditioning technology development and building tightness, people pay more and more attention to the indoor air quality, however, because the global energy crisis, lower energy consumption turns to be the most important points during ventilation system design and installation.

Holtop, the expert to solve this problem by offering digital intelligent fresh air ventilation system


  • - Digital energy recovery fresh air and exhausted air ventilation
  • - Intelligent control system including HGICS central control, BMS control, digital LCD controller and air quality sensors
  • - Smart terminal air diffusers like VAV box, CAV (constant air volume) adjustment module and air outlet and air diffuser
  • - Completed air ducting sytem


  • - Lower energy consumption up to 40%-75% compared to traditional air conditioning system
  • - No cross contamination which is special suitable for hospital ventilation
  • - Built in EC fan which is with higher efficiency, 0-100% stepless speed, 0-10V control and lower noise
  • - Intelligent HGICS central control system, allow administrator to learn running status of the ventilation clearly and control more easily

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Digital intelligent fresh air ventilation system2.jpg