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During 7-9th April, Holtop took part inthe CRH2016 in Beijing. Because of the haze weather has been more and more serious in China, fresh air purification products has been the hot cake in the exhibition.

As the leading manufacturer of fresh air treatment products in China, Holtop showed her latest energy recovery ventilator with high efficiency PM2.5 (F9) filters and residential wall mounted ERV or floor standing type ERV in the exhibition. The new fashionable design and high efficiency energy recovery rate and purification functions has attracted customers from home and aboard and received a favorable response.

Besides, Holtop has improved the design and manufacturing technique of the air handling unit, in the exhibition, Holtop presented her latest design of fresh air purifying ventilator and compact design heat recovery air handling unit.

General speaking, the exhibition was successful, and Holtop shined with her edge technology in the field of energy recovery ventilation. Holtop will continuously focus on the technology innovation to create more energy efficient and healthy world. See you next year in Shanghai.



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