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On 8th, August, 2013, International Solar Decathlon was held in Datong city, Shanxi province, P.R China.United team (PKU-UIUC) of Peking University and Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign (USA) took part in the competition. Holtop sponsored PKU-UIUC the whole sets of energy recovery ventilation system in their project named “Yisuo”. 


International Solar Decathlon was launched and held by United States Department of Energy, participants are the universities all around the world. Since 2002, International Solar Decathlon has been held successfully in the USA and Europe for 6 times, more than 100 universities from USA, Europe and China took part in the competition. It shows the latest energy technology around the world and named as “Olympic Games in the new energy industry”.






The competition is about designing, building and running an impeccable, comfortable, and sustainable solar flat. Energy of the flat all comes from the solar energy equipment which means all appliances inside the flat should have perfect energy saving performance.


Holtop used the 3rd generation plate fin total heat exchanger in the energy recovery ventilation system. High enthalpy recovery efficiency assures a high energy recover rate from the indoor return air while bring in the fresh air. For example, in summer, outdoor fresh is hot, with high humidity and oxygen concentration, while indoor stale air is cool, dry and with high CO2 concentration, after the heat and moisture exchange in Holtop ERV, supply air becomes cool, fresh, with low humidity and high oxygen concentration. At the same time it helps decrease power consumption of the air conditioners.







Through supporting Peking University to take part in the world class competition and enter final with 23 world famous universities, Holtop energy recovery ventilation system shows its strength of perfect comfort ventilation and high energy recovery, minimizing indoor heat and moisture loss during ventilation while reducing the energy consumption effectively.