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From 11-13th October, Holtop join hands with his partner to exhibited in Chillventa Nurember.

During the exhibition,the latest fresh air heat pump system and the 2 stages compressor EVI heat pump system were displayed.

The fresh airheat pump is the combination of heat recovery ventilation system and heat pump system, the device can bring in fresh air, at the same time with the built-in heat exchanger and heat pump, recover the energy from return air and transfer to the fresh air (COP up to 7).

The EVI heat pump is built in 2 stages compressor of enhanced vapor injection technology, so even under minus 30 celcius degree, the proformance will be still very good, while other traditonal heat pump may frozen up or not working in such severe environment.

Those innovative products make us stand out in Chillventa. Holtop always aims at providing with the energy efficient products forcreating excellent living environment and reducing global energy cost.chillventa2.jpgchillventa.jpg