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The indoor air pollutants can effect your health seriously In the modern architecture, as the widespread use of air conditioning, the buildings become more and more tight in order to save the energy. The natural air exchange rate in the modern building has reduced significantly.

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It is harmful to the health of human if the air is too dreggy. In 1980, the World Health Organization officially named the diseases as “Sick Building Syndrome” which are caused by insufficient fresh air in the air conditioners, widely known as “air conditioning sickness”. 

Dilemma between ventilation and energy consumption
  • To increase the fresh air is a good way to improve the air quality, but at the same time the energy consumption rises dramatically;
  • The energy consumption of HVAC takes up over 60% of the building energy consumption;
  • As to the public buildings, to condition 1 m3/h fresh airflow needs to consume about 9.5 kw.h energy in the whole summer.

Solution Holtop heat & energy recovery ventilator can expel the stale air indoor out of room, meanwhile supplying the fresh air outside into the room, by using the advanced heat/energy recovering technology, the energy can exchange taking advantage of the difference of the temperature and humidity between indoor and outdoor air. By this means, it can not only smooth away the problem of indoor pollution, but also the dilemma between ventilation and energy-saving.